I have worked with youth from various parts of the country for many years. A good catchment for me has been because of my work and relationship with tertiary institutions. Youth, left neglected, go through a lot of trouble. But the world is full of misinformation and misguidance. The youth need our stories and experiences in order to help them through this stage, make empowering decisions and grow to become successful people in the society.
Some of the issues I deal with almost on a day to day include drug addiction where youths honestly want to quit but struggling to do it, pornography, sexual perversion that undermines their integrity, sexuality and self control, economic problems, suicidal cases, among others. Many youth do not have good examples of adults to emulate. They do things out of pressure. We must join hands in protecting, defending and empowering our youth; the reason behind Linda Vijana Initiative (LVI) and ThinkYouth


There are predators out there who target our youth with misinformation that leave them ruined and regretting for life. They use seductive words such as RIGHTS, Empowerment, etc. But within their programs are death-traps. Let's arise and be counted! What they push as rights end up hurting the youth, destroying families and perpetuating immorality. They teach our youth pornography, masturbation, plus all ill. This must be resisted!


Youth do not need contraceptives. And contraceptives are not family planning solutions. Besides, youth have no family to plan. What they need is responsible sexuality education. They need to know be taught healthy relationships and fertility cycle. Sex cannot be a right. It is not food! We must teach the youth about everything and the consequences. The dangers of contraceptives including cancers, sterality and countless complications.