I Fight For Life

Life begins at conception. I refuse to believe that some lives should (or deserves to) be terminated in the womb. It is terrible! Everyone should be given a chance to live fully. Women who opt for abortion live to regret it throughout their lives whether they called abortion safe or not. There is nothing safe in a process where murder is committed. It is not medicine. It is witchcraft. In medicine doctors save lives. They don't terminate it.

Lie #1

The witches say that the mother's life is in danger and so that warrants killing their baby. The truth is that if pregnancy happens out of the womb, it is a disease and the process of removing it is treatment. But removing a healthy baby from the womb, that's totally unwarranted.


Child conceived out of a rape. That this will torture the mother emotionally. So does that mean mother's life is in danger? Why should the innocent baby be victimised? The truth is that majority of such mothers end up loving their babies normally. Let them deliver and give up the child for adoption instead of adding more pain to them by making them murderous.


"It is just a tissue. Not a baby." Every idiot will know that immediately fertilization happens, life begins. That is why mothers get haunted after. And that is why the baby grows. Only living things grow. If it were just a tissue, it would be some tumor or cancer.
Gender Matters
There are only two sexes; male and female. Agreed, there are people who are born with both sex organs, but that is a medical issue that can be addressed medically. It is not a feeling. Anything else is demonic!
Family is the basic unit of a society. When family is broken, we cannot have a healthy and upright society. Therefore family institution must be protected as per the original purpose of GOD. A family is composed of father, mother and children.
Same Sex Union
This is illicit and must not be given any thought. Anyone who believes he/she is attracted to same sex or is gay/lesbian requires (mental) treatment; not more physical damage on their genetalia. They should visit counselors.
CSE & Contraceptives
These are tools that are being peddled by the merchants of death to promote  perversion and thus more usage of their abortion products, destroy wombs, cause more frustrations to girls and families and to depopulate. Nothing good comes from these.

I am ProLife

We must stand strong, Africa. We must protect our values and heritage. We must not allow perversion in the name of civilization. Africa is ours. They said if you go to Rome you do as Romans do. Yes, if you come to Africa, do as Africans do and respect our values and culture. No two males or two females can have sex and reproduce!

Catherine M. Njore

You don't help the society by demonizing men and glorifying women. Both men and women must be respected. Both boys and girls must be supported. We must endeavor to bring up children who will make healthy families.

Safe Society

Let's work together for a safe society where no one feels disadvantaged; where our children will grow without confusion on what gender they are who is telling them the truth, where TRUTH is valued and life is dignified.