Life Map
Thursday, January 27, 2022 maps learning maps

Ever wondered why we opt to ask a stranger for directions when stranded and in unfortunate circumstances end up more lost than ‘found’? and if lucky to ask that security person in uniform only to find out that he too is new to the environs just like you?

And all this time if there was a map you could just map your way out of anxiety to your destination. But yes! We have google map on our smart phones and all you need to do is swipe!

Catherine M. Njore

Is There Any Hope for Our Country?

 All reasonable Kenyans agree that Kenya is headed in the wrong direction and that this has been orchestrated by years of selfish and glutton leadership. Kenyans are strong people and very resilient. All that we need is an enabling environment where we can prosper. We don’t need a public office. We don’t need handouts. But an environment where we can run our businesses without hindrances; an environment devoid of unwarranted state bottlenecks and unjustified tax laws pushing the cost of living beyond the reach of over 90% of Kenyans. JM Kariuki had said decades ago that Kenya has become a nation of 10 millionaires and 10 million beggars. It is truer today! We now have 50 millionaires and billionaires and 50 million beggars.

It is not that Kenya lacks resources. No! Kenya has whatever it takes to be a first world country in 10 years. All that we lack is leadership. Selfless leadership. Genuine leadership that can make real and meaningful change; seal the loopholes that make us lose 2 billion shillings a day and lower taxes. Leadership that will invest in security and make entrepreneurship thrive. Leadership that will empower youth to be self reliant and achieve their dreams as opposed to beggars waiting for handouts. Leadership that will make every single well meaning Kenyan to afford good food, access clean water and proper healthcare. Leadership that will make us dream again; dream again like our forefathers dreamed before independence. Leadership to make us reach the stars and be counted among the rich nations who do not need Western AID that comes with strings attached, but a nation that can instead also offer grants to other nations and be able to bargain better at the global assemblies. John C. Maxwell says, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.”

Einstein said that We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. It is true! We need a fresh leadership. It is as obvious as day and night. That is why we need men like Reuben Kagame whose lack of physical sight has given birth to deeper insight and inspiration to make a difference. Helen Keller once said, “The greatest tragedy to befall a person is to have sight but lack of vision.” As Reuben Kagame says, because he cannot see anyone, everyone is the same. If you’re involved in corruption, no personal feelings. You just face the full force of the law. RK is not looking for wealth. He has not stolen anyone’s anything and thus does not look for state machinery to protect any ill-acquired wealth. He is, probably, our only hope for now. Let’s introspect. Let’s pray about it, evaluate our needs and we shall see that GOD has finally offered us an option. Proverbs 29:2: “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.”  Lipotumaini! #Lipotumaini!